How are you getting into action this year?

Happy 2016 everyone!


Wellness is not just about eating the right foods to nourish your body.  It’s about nourishing your mind and spirit as well.  This is no easy task y’all!  As a business owner and mom with a rambunctious toddler, it has been increasingly difficult for me to stay nourished.  No long mornings to mediate or read for hours at a coffee shop.  No more going on a walk whenever I want to.  Just because I am a Wellness coach doesn’t mean that I’ve got it all figured out.   I am on this journey with all of you!


Over the past two weeks, I have been very deliberate about taking the time to set my goals for this year and get REALLY clear on what that looks like NOW!


Below are some of the questions I asked myself.  I hope you find them useful for your own time of reflection.


What worked in 2015?


What didn’t work in 2015?


What do I need to let go of in 2016?


What drained the most out of me this past year?


What brought me the most life this past year?


What weaknesses or immaturities do I want to tackle this year?


What do I want to accomplish in my career this year?



These questions brought up A LOT for me.   They helped me to dig deep and get clear on what I wanted to create in 2016.  Below are some of my actions/goals based on what I discovered:


ACTION 1: Get up at 6am, before the baby wakes up, and spend time with God in prayer and meditation. 

This is a GAME CHANGER for me.  Even just having 10 minutes of quiet to drink my coffee, pray and meditate wakes up my SOUL.  So far, I can say that I have been doing this about 80% of the time and it has been very rewarding.  I find I am operating more out of a surplus than scarcity.


ACTION 2: Read books daily. 

I was studying and researching a lot over the last six months, and this left little time for me to read.  I am committed to reading a chapter in a book every night before bed.  Why?  Because this brings me life and I am committed to do more of what refreshes me.  It also gives me wisdom and creative ideas to share with others.


ACTION 3:  Learn to live with less. 

SIMPLICITY.  I like to shop, people.  I also quit my job with a very healthy salary and have only been self-employed for about five months.  This means I need to make lifestyle decisions accordingly.  This is probably the most uncomfortable action I set, AND this will bring me the most freedom.  Isn’t that always the case?


ACTION 4:  Connect with others

As a mom and business owner, this will be a big challenge – but it is absolutely NECESSARYHaving a toddler can be very isolating and spending time with people energize me.  I am making more room in my day-to-day life to be in relationship. 


Ok, there are many more goals I could talk about, but I just wanted to share some with you.  You may have noticed that I didn’t have a lot of nutrition/fitness actions.  The reason for this is that fitness and nutrition are the parts of my life that are working.  Eating well and exercising are habits that require little energy.  At this point, they’ve basically been etched into my DNA.  Haha.  Do I have to resist mindless eating at night?  Yes.  But do I have major adjustments to make this year?  No, I don’t. 


Please share with me if you decide to ask yourself these questions.  What ‘aha’ moments did you have?  I want to hear from you!


With lots of love,