Matche Latte (You're Welcome)

I stumbled upon Matcha’ at a local coffee shop in Nashville a few months ago.  I loved it so much that within 48 hours (thanks to Amazon Prime) I had everything I needed to make my own at home.  Since then it has become a regular mid-afternoon indulgence.  It doesn’t make me jittery like coffee but still gives me a great boost of energy.

Not only is Matcha yummy, rejuvenating, and pretty to look at, it’s also rich in antioxidants.  In fact, one cup of Matcha has the antioxidants of 10 cups of brewed green tea.  It has also been shown to boost metabolism and helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar.  Seems like a no brainer, right? 

 You can find Matcha at health food stores or you can buy here on Amazon Prime.


-1tsp of matcha powder

-1/4 cup of boiling water

-3/4 cup of steamed almond or coconut milk



1. Place the matcha in the mug

2. Pour ¼ cup of boiling water and use a wisk to dissolve the powder

3. Steam the almond milk and pour in your mug.