Working with Brooke, I felt completely supported. She molded the program for me, my goals, and what my healthy life looks like. Over the 6 weeks I was able to shift some of my habits that were not serving me into healthier more mindful habits. I enjoyed logging my food each day because it really made me aware of what I was putting in my body and what was and was not fueling me. Brooke was always there if I had a question or needed support along the way. She also kept me accountable, which was a BIG help for me. I know after the time working with Brooke I feel confident that I can continue with my new way of being and healthy eating habits. Oh, and I feel lighter and leaner in my body than I have in years! thank you Brooke!!
— Lauren Farina, Co-owner of Shakti Yoga
I really enjoyed working with Brooke. We sat down and discussed my goals, and went over my results form the bod pod together. Over the 6 weeks working with Brooke and logging my food, I lost the five pounds that had been really hard for me to lose. I decreased my body fat by %6 and increased my lean muscle mass by %5. One of my goals was to feel lighter and eat the foods I love with more awareness and intention. I feel with my daily logs and Brooke’s guidance, and tips throughout, I was able to reach those goals and incorporate them more into my daily life now on my own.
— Kelly Farina, Co-owner of Shakti Yoga
I’m a busy working mom with two young kids, breastfeeding, and also live in a super small town that is FORTY FIVE minutes from the closest good grocery store! So I had a ton of challenges and Brooke helped me prioritize, give myself grace, and figure out what works for me. She helped me see the big picture and not just a “fad” diet.  I so appreciate Cravewell!
— Brittany Liggett